East Coast Fiberglass & Finish can get your boat back to its factory finish no matter the damage.

We can handle the job no matter the size. From complete structural repairs to minor bumps and scrapes. East Coast Fiberglass & Finish repairs transoms, floors and specialize in smooth finish gelcoat. We have the experience and knowledge to accurately estimate and execute the repairs needed to get your boat back to perfect condition using the only best available materials and latest technologies.

East Coast Fiberglass & Finish employs the most talented and highly skilled technicians in the industry to get your boat back to its factory finish. Only the highest quality materials are used and corners are never cut to save a buck.

A fiberglass boat can be repaired to its original state with fiberglass fabric, a lot of skilled work, and some resin. Your “lay-up” will be as durable as original if you follow the correct procedures in fiberglass repair. Fiberglass lay-up means layers of glass fabric saturated with polyester resin. The repair is time consuming but worthwhile when you see the finished product. At East Coast Fiberglass & Finish we take pride in all of our jobs.

The process begins with a through inspection to determine the extent of the damage. Next the damaged area is removed.

Following the removal of the damaged area the surrounding area is ground away and a resin and mat are applied until area is filled. Then the area is prepped and sanded until smooth to touch. The final step is to apply paint in either a high gloss of matte finish as directed by the customer.

Repairs We Offer

  • Cosmetic
  • Gel Coat
  • Fiberglass
  • Structural
  • Semi Truck Fiberglass Repair
  • RV Repair (fiberglass and paint)
  • Raised and lowered Transomes
  • Decal removal and application
  • Stripe removal and application
  • Boat Trailer Repair
  • Fuel tank replacement
  • New floor and stringers

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