We are a Full-Service Fiberglass Repair Facility.

Your boat is an investment in your free time, and when things go wrong, working with East Coast Fiberglass & Finish helps to ensure you are back enjoying the water sooner rather than later.

Most boat owners take great pride in their watercraft and spend a lot of time maintaining it to look and run its best.

They also understand that there are certain aspects of a boat that cannot be fixed without the help of an experienced professional.

At East Coast Fiberglass & Finish, we have more than 25 years of combined experience providing boat owners with a variety of services, including gel coat and fiberglass repair, transom repair, and more.

In making these repairs, we use the same materials utilized by top manufacturers when making these boats, ensuring that your watercraft will be good as new when returned to you.

We take pride in completing repairs correctly the first time, ensuring no one would know your boat was even damaged in the first place.

All our work is guaranteed, and we use the most contemporary and latest repair techniques and materials.